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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept (2017)

CAR GARAGE | Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept (2017) | External forces are at hand. It does not meet U.S. safety requirements or stricter Euro Union CO2 standards, it'll hurt LR's American Corporate Average Fuel Economy ratings, and SUV buyers continue to move away from hard-core off-roaders toward crossovers.

The DC100 is the more traditional of Land Rover's two concepts. We briefly drove the other, the DC100 Sport-oriented lifestyle.  Land Rover Hopes to retain the Defender's off-road capability by using modern technology. LR engineers are considering a new generation of Auto Terrain Response That Could anticipate changes in the landscape; Sensors That Could help when traversing water; on-demand spiked tires; a driveline disconnect; and torque vectoring for both on-and off-road.

As with the original, Land Rover plans to proliferate the new Defender with multiple models for a wide variety of would-be buyers. That's how the company Hopes to bring new buyers into the models without offending die-hard fans Defender.

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Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept (2012) |  The DC100 concept also explores new territory in sustainability. An Intelligent Twin-Solenoid Stop / Start system is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission to ease future hybridization.  An expedition-ready version of the Land Rover concept vehicle DC100 is Helping to shape the future of the iconic Defender line.

Short overhangs for extreme approach and departure angles, an upright windscreen, vertical panels, and a strong shoulder line complete design predicated on capability. Wade Aid utilizes sonar sensors in bumpers and side mirrors to measure water depth while fording streams.  While the ultimate destination for Defender is still unknown, the concept DC100 charges ahead, reinvigorating the line That lives in every Land Rover vehicle.

The Land Rover concept Appears to retain some of the hallmarks of the beloved Defender 90 (ie boxy profile, Stubby wheelbase, exposed spare tire) while simultaneously Incorporating cues (ie fender vents, flared wheel wheels, large wheels, etc.) That are increasingly ingrained into modern Land Rover design DNA. "Replacing the iconic Defender is one of the biggest challenges in the automotive design world," Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's director of design, said in a prepared release.

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Mastretta MXT (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Mastretta MXT (2012) | The MXT's body is made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, Beneath the which lies along an aluminum chassis with a carbon fiber floor panels and engine cradle. The MXT is the first car engineered and developed by Wholly automaker Mexican Mastretta, the which was Previously known for producing kit cars.

With a mass of just over 2.000 pounds, the MXT is a lightweight sports car Decidedly That promises brisk acceleration and sharp handling. Outside, the MXT features distinguished by styling cues like headlights That terminate in massive water intakes, a centrally mounted exhaust pipes and, AFT of the passenger compartment, a Flying Buttress That treatment recalls the Ferrari 599 GTB.

Highlights include carbon fiber seats upholstered in leather, aluminum pedals positioned closely That facilitate quick footwork and a flat-bottomed steering wheel finished in suede. Technology features include GPS navigation, iPod connectivity, hands-free communication via Bluetooth and a DVD player. The Mastretta MXT is the competitor's around mid-engined, ultra-lightweight Lotus Elise.

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Arrinera Supercar (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Arrinera Supercar (2013) | Lee Noble, a famous British car designer will Lend his name to the project. Lee Noble is a British entrepreneur, designer and automobile engineer. He has been acclaimed as the most Prolific British car manufacturer ever. Across three Decades, he has manufactured almost 2000 cars based on his own designs. Lee's cars are more concerned about handling and performance ability. As part of implementing its strategy, the management of Arrinera Automotive has signed an exclusive deal for Negotiations to buy a 50% stake in Fenix Automotive Ltd from Great Britain, the which is involved in the construction project of the Fenix sports car.

This investment will enable Arrinera to carry out the strategy for building a group of companies with a very strong position in the world market of low-volume production of supercars and sports cars, Gaining access to foreign markets and technology / know-how while operating in a prestigious and elite market. Fenix Automotive is controlled by Lee Noble. Arrinera Automotive plans to commence production of cars in Poland. Arrinera Automotive expects the target volume of production will be from 600-700 cars a year. The majority shareholder of Arrinera is the Veno Automotive SA venture capital fund, listed on the New Connect market for 3 years.

The car body styling is characterized by sharp and dynamic lines, the which Clarey indicate the massive potential of the supercar. The front of the car is close to the ground the which vastly improves its aerodynamic properties. At the back of the car, muffler housings with unique diffusers resemble the exhaust nozzles of a jet airplane. The supercar will be Arrinera equipped with a 650HP engine. The stylist Responsible for Arrinera's lines is Pavlo Burkatskyy.

Individual elements will be made of high quality leather and composite materials. The car is equipped with an audio system, electric windows and mirrors and air conditioning. 19-inch wheels create additional space for an expanded braking system. Front wheels are equipped with 6-piston callipers and 350 mm brake discs. Rear wheels with 4-piston callipers and 330 mm brake discs. Independent, multi-link, designed and optimized by Lee Noble. The car can be fitted with a thermal vision camera option, the which monitors the area in front of the car at the distance of a few hundred meters.

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